ECCOM attended 2017 CISCO Financial Innovation Summit as an exhibitor


From June 1 to June 3, 2017 CISCO Financial Industry Innovation Summit based on the theme of “Digital Cloud, Sharing of Ideas” was ceremoniously held in Guiyang.

The focus of this summit was that the financial industry should explore business models and create more opportunities in the context of the new economic situation and the new IT trend. The summit gathered enterprise customers leading in the information construction of national financial industry and the partners of technical solutions in the financial industry. As a service provider of financial scientific and technological innovation, ECCOM attended the summit as an exhibitor.  

The team of ECCOM participated in the exhibition with the theme of “Good Mastery of Cloud Management”, and exhibited UCMP, the uniform cloud management platform of ECCOM. Through site product demonstration, ECCOM delivered to customers “four unifications” in the environment of mixed cloud management. In addition, the product idea of “using cloud like water and electricity with the help of the cloud management platform” delivered by UCMP won the unanimous recognition among the customers present at the summit.  

As one of the focuses of attention at this summit, Zu Lijun, a senior researcher of China unionpay Electronic Payment Research Institute, delivered a keynote speech at the summit, reviewing the research and practice made by China Unionpay in the field of new-tech application in the financial industry, and expressing his thanks to the support of business partners in the industry. As one of the participants, various teams of ECCOM have also provided assistance and support in the process of united research.

In the last link of this summit, several senior personages in the financial IT industry delivered speeches as distinguished guests at the invitation of Round Forum “Idea Sharing of Financial IT Seniors”. These distinguished guests reviewed the development status quo of the financial IT from different perspectives, and jointly discussed and outlined the future development trend of financial IT under the new economy and new technology.

At this summit, the team of ECCOM displayed its own technical strength in such aspects as cloud computation and SDN, and exchanged the directions of new technology in the application field of financial industry with various peers, and attained the exhibition goal perfectly.