Integration and Synergy of ECCOM UCMP Managing CISCO ACI Cloud Network


With diversified and fast-updating characteristics of enterprise’s business application in digitalized era, IT structure need to continuously provide support for fast development of application. For enterprises deploying cloud computing resolutions, it’s a huge challenge for Information Department how to take unified, efficient and accurate management, operation and maintenance and operation of data center network and cloud platform.

In the coexistence of cloud and network, the enterprise usually faces the following problems:

Disconnection between infrastructure and application: lack of arrangement mechanism between application deployment and infrastructure preparation so that advanced infrastructure cannot paly the most valuable role.

● A large number of manual/ hand operation: computing, network and reserving resources are configured and integrated via manual means, which has lower deployment and operation and management efficiency.

● Lack of linkage between cloud and network: there is island effect between cloud and network so than configuration and state information cannot be .

In traditional structure, most enterprises respectively manage system structure and network structure by specifically setting departments or groups. Facing new application deployment or change, system group and network group usually need to prepare foundation structure, tedious communication and cooperation process aimed at application demands. Lots of manual operation often greatly adding application on-line cycle and technical complexity.

Aimed at above questions, ECCOM has developed SDN management model based on UCMP cloud management platform and combined with many years of experience on website design, deployment and operation and maintenance, and brought CISCO ACI as the first management object.

The consistency management of private cloud resource and SDN resource can be respectively realized through UCMP cloud management platform. By docking API port of ACI, it has realized the abstract of common function on ACI, which can take operations of adding, deletion, modification and examination through cloud management platform, such as:



Application Profile







On this basis, UCMP can take abstract composition for cloud and network service by combination with actual application demands of users, and take effective linkage with network resource, including load balancing, firewall and domain-name supervising, which forms a service chain to quickly provide various foundation structure environment for application.

UCMP will provide following assistance for enterprise cloud environment after adding SDN management function:

● Application identification: automatically deploying network strategy and configuration to improve operation and maintenance efficiency through application model. The developer can voluntarily select network resource as required to improve efficiency of application development tests.

● Automatization: offering abstract of atomized service for cloud platform and SDN and combining into automatic deployment workflow to improve deployment efficiency by combination with approval process.

● Safety: consistency model of network and application configuration strategy, including drift strategy follow and multi-tenant isolation, etc..