ECCOM Ranking 57th of IDC FinTech Top 100 for a Third Successive Year


On September 24, IDC issued 2018 IDC Financial Insights FinTech Rankings Top 100. Ranking the 57th, ECCOM is selected for a third successive year. It moved up seven places than in 2017 and obtained high recognition and approval of international authority.

IDC Financial Insights FinTech Rankings Top 100 is selected and issued by International Data Corporation, a globally renowned market research firm. As the ranking of worldwide scientific and technical companies serving financial institution, the list collects world’s top fintech enterprises of the year. This year, it ranked based on general income of financial institution in 2017 civil year, including hardware, software and IT service income. It’s an important basis for global financial institutions to select fintech enterprises with high authority and gold content of data.

Listed for three consecutive years, ECCOM has taken the leading position in China financial IT service industry. Under the background of new economic trend and new IT technology trends, financial industry is attempting innovative business mode and constantly exploring new opportunities. Internet finance and traditional finance enterprises is gradually building and improving financial ecosystem. ECCOM will also continue to take active exploration and beneficial innovation in fintech fields and strive for the goal of promoting the breakthrough and application of critical financial technologies together with the best in financial industry!