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Products & Solutions Overview

It’s an era that digitalization leads transition. The role of IT is gradually changing into a main accelerator of driving business reform: such as decision making optimization based on data analysis, controlling optimization and fault forewarning in producing process based on big data, and precise marketing and predicting based on analysis on customer behavior…Digital transformation is ubiquitous, but the challenge remain enormous.

  • ● How to become a digital native enterprise “knowing data”?

  • ● How to make new technology get fast application?

  • ● How to guarantee data security and business compliance in the circumstance of fast changing business?

The new IT solution offered by ECCOM provides you with platform support under digital transformation.





ECCOM cloud computing solution provides customers with fast and flexible IT resources to contribute to flexible expansion of business and fast going online of application;

ECCOM unified cloud management platform UCMP assist customers managing multi-cloud environment and visualizing of cloud service;

● ECCOM security solution has realized three-dimensional protection from “terminal”, “network” to “data”, which builds self-reacting security line for customers for business compliance;

ECCOM intelligent operation and maintenance solution focuses on in-depth value of IT big data and realizes integrated intelligent operation and maintenance from “full IT monitoring”, “data analysis” to “automation”, which makes user business and service KPI visualized;

“U-link” assisting cloud service of ECCOM contributes to OPEX instead of CAPEX for customers and lets customers focus on core business.




Tel    : 400-820-5-820,800-820-5-820
mail  : [email protected]
web  : www.ECCOM.NET.CN



ECCOM Smart Service
360° Comprehensive Lifecycle Services

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